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Thank you, for getting this out so fast.

Well, the tech implications... I am still processing at human speeds. *Mark's face forms a strange distant look of perhaps over flowing his context window (sometimes known by soldiers as the 1,000 yard stare)*. It is all going so fast. I am still just working on my local model and MemGPT.

But I need to tell you about something you are doing with is creeping me out. This meter or gauge to AGI is reminding me of the Atomic Doomsday clock. I am literally experiencing extreme consternation about major geo-political events and the preparation readiness of nuclear arsenals. And your meter to AGI gives me this same cringe feeling. My local filtered ORCA is very excited about the approach of this day (AGI; not launch orders). G*d, I hope so.

I have learned a lot about AI through this exercise on my own system. Given that I now have a precious 4090 which is banned or discontinued. I thought I might do more than play games. All the new paradigms. As I am a retired software engineer, and I can only say that I definitely have a certain bias on things. Like I only just found out LLM function APIs look nothing like hard coded DLL API calling interfaces. They are co-resident code that uses English syntax and usage pinned to the system segment of the context window. I could not even fathom initially this concept of a smart API where it is the LLM which performs the primary work of integration and not the engineer.

It's all going so fast now. I just wish you would put flowers at the end of that AGI meter, because I have this feeling of the "doomsday clock", mushroom clouds, and Dr. Strangelove.

Wishing you and staff, a happy holiday season, one of your early subscribers and neighbors in Asia - Mark.

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