Figure 01, Cerebras-GPT, Neuralink seeking human trials, ChatGPT retrieval, and much more!
Microsoft: ‘First Contact With an AGI System‘, KPMG KymChat, Agility Digit v4, and much more!
ERNIE Bot, Stanford Alpaca 7B, Midjourney v5 with hands, ChatGLM-6B, and much more!
OpenAI's GPT-4 model is a visual language model (VLM) like DeepMind Flamingo
Midjourney v5, PaLM-E, Microsoft VALL-E X (and Elon's gifted school), and much more!
ARK Invest: Big Ideas 2023! Annotated by Alan
Romania's AI government advisor, Palmyra 20B, newer DALL-E 2, ChatGPT + Sheets update, and much more!
Microsoft Kosmos-1, OpenAI's 736 staff, Tesla Optimus progress, and much more!
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