BlenderBot 3.0, AlexaTM 20B, Jeff Buckley, and much more!
Special edition for the release of my independent report: Google Pathways
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 26/Jul/2022 Welcome back to The Memo. This is supposed to be pushed out in monthly editions, but the accelerated pace of change…
LLM use cases, Meta AI NLLB, GPT-3 + DALL-E 2 + VLM, and much more!
BigScience BLOOM 176B, Google Parti, MidJourney, and much more!
Mid-2022 AI report, DeepMind Perceiver AR, BAAI CogView 2, and much more!
AGI countdown, ABC interview about GPT-3, Varjo Aero/Galea, and much more!
Google Imagen, Ray Kurzweil, AI for humans, and much more!
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